KGLT Programs

Chrysti The Wordsmith
Mon Noon, Mon Noon, Mon 6pm, Mon 6pm, Wed Noon, Wed Noon, Wed 6pm, Wed 6pm, Fri Noon, Fri Noon, Fri 6pm, Fri 6pm, 2 Minutes
Chrysti the Wordsmith, a daily, two-minute audio interlude produced in the studios of KGLT-FM at Montana State University, Bozeman. Since 1990, Chrysti the Wordsmith Smith has been plumbing the depths of dictionaries obscure, arcane and pedestrian to craft word and phrase histories for her radio audience.

Listeners Personals
Mon Noon, Mon Noon, Tue Noon, Tue Noon, Wed Noon, Wed Noon, Thu Noon, Thu Noon, Fri Noon, Fri Noon, 10 Minutes
A quick round up of found and missing pets and stuff.

Montana Medicine Show
Sun 10am, Tue Noon, Tue 6pm, Thu Noon, Thu 6pm, Sat Noon, Sat Noon, 2 Minutes
A short Montana history lesson. Montana Medicine Show would like to thank Humanities Montana, The Greater Montana Foundation, and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting for their support.

Mountain Stage
Sat 7am, 120 Minutes
Mountain Stage guarantees listeners the best seats in the house for new performers and established artists. It’s a two-hour weekly exploration of the exciting and spontaneous sound of live performance, offering intelligent, contemporary music seasoned with traditional and roots artists. Hosted by Larry Groce, the program occasionally takes a road trip to bring music lovers rare and special events as they happen.

PRI’s Studio 360
Sun 6pm, 60 Minutes
Peabody Award-winning Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen from WNYC and PRI is public radio’s smart and surprising guide to what’s happening in pop culture and the arts. Each week, Kurt Andersen introduces you to the people who are creating and shaping our culture. Life is busy – so let Studio 360 steer you to the must-see movie this weekend, the next book for your nightstand, or the song that will change your life.

Sun 6pm, Sun 9pm, Mon 6pm, Mon 9pm, Tue 6pm, Tue 9pm, Wed 6pm, Wed 9pm, Thu 6pm, Thu 9pm, Fri 6pm, Fri 9pm, Sat 6pm, Sat 9pm, 5 Minutes
StarDate is the public education and outreach arm of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory. Our radio program airs daily on more than 300 stations.

This American Life
Mon 9am, 60 Minutes
This American Life documents and describes contemporary America, but it is, quite literally, a new kind of radio storytelling. Built around the innovative personal vision of host Ira Glass, the program explores a weekly theme — fiascos, conventions, the job that takes over your life — through a playful mix of radio monologues, mini-documentaries, found tape, short fiction, and unusual music.

Unzipping the Weekend
Thu 6pm, Thu 9pm, Fri 6pm, Fri 9pm, Sat Noon, Sat 6pm, Sat 9pm, 5 Minutes
A quick roundup of enterainment in the Bozeman area.

ZBS Programs
Thu 5:20am, 30 Minutes
ZBS is a not-for-profit arts organization. We have been in existence since 1970. For 35 years we’ve been producing radio/audio stories. These are comic and cosmic adventures, science fiction, mystical mysteries – some with spiritual wisdoms woven within. Some of these stories are just down right fun, fine family entertainment. Laughter is a great healer, as you know. We’re all living in the Cosmic Joke, and one day we may actually get the punch line. But in the meantime, remember, kindness to others, people, plants, animals, even the earth and the clouds, we can all do. It makes us feel better, it probably even makes the clouds feel better. We hope you enjoy our stories.

Latin Alternative
Tue 5am, 60 Minutes
The Latin Alternative is co-hosted by two of the genre’s leading experts, Josh Norek and Ernesto Lechner. The program will focus on crossover-friendly Latin rock, electronic, funk and hip-hop artists.

The Stone Age
Sat 5am, 60 Minutes
The Stone Age explores electric music as it changed from mainstream Pop to music with authentic lyrics, and electricity. Listeners will hear the seminal music of the 60’s and 70’s that was the harbinger and symbol of worldwide cultural change through the work of icons such as Dylan, The Beatles, Zappa, Hendrix and The Jefferson Airplane, along with little heard treasures too good to forget. The Stone Age is not a ‘Classic Rock’ presentation, but a series devoted to the very best of Electric Music from the 60’s and 70’s.

Sun 5am, 60 Minutes
Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.

Live From the Divide
Mon 6pm, 60 Minutes
LIVE FROM THE DIVIDE is a radio broadcast created simply as a “A Celebration of the American Songwriter”. The 60 minute show features regionally established & legendary songwriters alike. Based out of an intimate 50 person venue and recording facility in Bozeman, Montana.